It’s a little wild to think of how even the simple act of receiving mail has changed in just the span of two weeks. And now you have to do this awkward dance with the UPS guy as you both try to avoid touching one another because neither of you thought to suggest putting the package on the floor.⠀

It’s a little funny, too, in a bittersweet sort of way.⠀


Have really been looking forward to this graphic novel! I have absolutely zero interest in basketball, but I am definitely interested whenever a new book by Gene Luen Yang comes out. His graphic novel American Born Chinese made a huge impact on me when I was young, and it helped shape the way I view the comics medium as a whole. (“You mean you can tell this kind of story?”)⠀

So expectations are a little high! But I have no doubt Yang can deliver.⠀

(The last sentence originally read “I have no doubt that Yang can deliver a slam dunk,” but I thought it was a bit much and took out the pun. So, you know, you’re welcome.)⠀

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