My reading life during the month of May.


Becky Chambers’ wholly wholesome, wonderful, and optimistic gem of a series comes to a close not with a bang, but with a whisper. Like the previous entries in the Wayfarers universe, there’s not much in terms of a plot in The Galaxy, and the Ground Within, but that’s never what these books were about. They were quiet character studies, exploring the myriad of ways in which people (in all their shapes and forms) relate to one another and the worlds around them. This one was no different in that regard. 

The world of this book means a lot to me and I will miss it.


From cozy sci-fi to cozy murder mysteries. The Murder on the Links is, I think, my fifth outing with Poirot, and while it may not have been my favorite or most memorable, the company was still appreciated. I had a lot of fun with this twisty ride.


Murder mysteries turned out to dominate the rest of my reading month. And yes it was because of all the Knives Out sequel news. The first film quickly became an all-time favorite and kindled a passion for the genre. I’ve been on the lookout for books that remind me of the film ever since then, especially in terms of its post-modern, self aware flair. Magpie Murders is the first book that really fits the bill, with its nested, Inception-style of storytelling. I enjoyed the hell out of it and it was definitely the best book I read in May.


For a novel based on a board game, In the Hall with the Knife took some surprisingly dark turns. Suspenseful and atmospheric as anything. Very similar vibes to Maureen Johnson’s Truly Devious series. 

I actually started reading this last year but it didn’t really click for me at the time. Glad I picked it back up because this was just great. Also, it includes a particularly great shout-out to the classic film.


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