LIGHT OF THE JEDI by Charles Soule


One of my reading resolutions for this year was to read more non-fiction books, and my intentions were to start off 2021 by doing exactly that. But then this dropped on my device, and I opened it meaning to read just a handful of pages in order to get the lay of the land, as it were. But a couple of pages quickly turned into a couple of chapters, and before I knew it I was halfway through the book with absolutely no plans to stop.⠀

Then again, I began last year with a Star Wars book. Just as well I started this year with yet another one. It’s like poetry, sort of. It rhymes.⠀

And what a first book to start things off, anyway.⠀

I have been excited for this new era of Star Wars ever since details started to come out. I love the Skywalker gang of melodramatic misfits dearly, but the saga sorely needs to step away from them to feel fresh again. It needs to gain some more space to breathe. Hundred of years before their story sounds like distance enough.⠀

Light of the Jedi met and exceeded each and every one of those expectations. Charles Soule managed to write a Star Wars story that felt both familiar and new; that feels relevant to our current climate while still also adhering to themes that are intrinsic to Star Wars; that feels intense and austere while also being just an incredibly fun thrill ride. In short, Soule has written one of my favorite entries in the entire saga. Can’t wait to see what more he brings to this universe. And I definitely can’t wait to see where this era is headed. The future (the past?) looks bright.

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